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5/7/2019 11:23:00 AM

Laguna Niguel Sales steady but disappointing for sellers with homes priced over $1.2 million As you can see from the year-to-date figures, new listings (purple columns) have followed the normal seasonality but sales (brown columns) have lagged for most months. The last three months have brought out many eager sellers. Many people feel this is

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2/5/2019 2:46:33 PM

The Median Price is the price in the middle of all the sales.  It indicated the buyers’ price preference.  Half of the homes sales were for under $900,000. Market Report After clicking on the market link, scroll down in the “month field” and view the homes sold in any one of the past twelve months,

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2/5/2019 12:56:13 PM

  3 D Aerial and home tour Open House February 9th and 10th! View, View, Panoramic view! See our 3-D Aerial Tour! Enjoy ocean breezes and sunny days high above the beach cities! Endless sky, rolling hills and valley views during the day! After sunset, city lights abound with color and life. This custom-built

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9/11/2018 2:04:57 PM

Notice the blue columns exceeding the height of the gold columns?  Those are the new listings saturating the market and overwhelming the sales activity.  Buyers are getting very choosy and taking their time to look.  One aspect of this market that is interesting is the number of move-up or move-down buyers.  These buyers are resizing

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5/8/2018 4:46:09 PM

Housing prices are going up in Laguna Niguel but there is a wide range of homes available.

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2/20/2018 11:06:40 AM

This web link with connect you with three valuation systems.  If you would like a personalized valuation, please contact me.  These value were produced by internet real estate sites

2/11/2018 5:50:24 PM

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Prices have increased. People have enjoyed excellent appreciation in Laguna Niguel and Orange County in general.  This is the only investment that offers tax free appreciation and you get to live in it! We are starting the year with increasing prices.  The prices for January are usually the

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1/9/2018 5:18:13 PM

Prices have soared and still homes are selling.  Truthfully, prices needed to rise significantly to recoup the losses from the Recession.  They have risen far higher than most expectations.  The election was part of the uncertainty.  Some people were expecting a bad year, missed the market gains and are now worried that the correction is

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10/15/2017 6:04:03 PM

We knew prices were up over the last twelve months but wow!  The median price for September, 2017 is $1,015,500.  The climb this Fall will probably mimic every normal year and you will see a decrease in November and December, then an uptick in January to kick off the Spring selling season. You might be

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8/24/2017 5:55:00 PM

This is information from our local multiple listing service.  Our new listings are down from last year. People love living here and do not want to move.  Accordingly, the days a listing sells has shrunk dramatically. Prices have increased  but the months of inventory are still large enough to offer the buyers a choice. Time

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